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Catirya Brice Maternity Session

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Catirya Brice Maternity Session

Laid-back Island Shoot

Have you ever smelt the scent of spring flowers or the green grass on a rainy day? What about the scent of the ocean, or the salt air that kisses your skin in the summer? These are just a few things that make the earth beautiful. Capturing another form of beauty in this environment was breathtaking.

The mood of Catirya’a maternity shoot is fresh, calming and fun-loving; there is a laid-back earthy aura and I’m excited to share this session with you. I wanted to create maternity images that were relaxed and carefree. No elaborate dresses, no props, just a beautiful spirit hanging out in the grass and the sand, enjoying the life inside of her.

I chose jeans overalls for the first look, there is something airy about a jeans jumpsuit, it is fun and playful. For this look Cat's hair was held by a clip allowing her curls to be free. Her makeup was natural and flawless, done by Antonia Strachan (tonia_beautyforashes). The icing on the cake was her gold necklace with the name Riley on it. Riley is the name she chose for her baby girl.

The shoot took place at a private location in Lyford Cay. We chose a backyard with a white fence for the first half and then an open space filled with greenery for the second half. My husband Leo Creary was the grip on this shoot, providing soft lighting along with the glow of pregnancy.

Cat selected the second outfit, I loved the color she chose. I would describe this look an island dream, the blue skies, the crystal clear water, the white sandy beach and the soon to be Mom in her turquoise dress with matching earrings. How mystical is that? This look was my favorite. It reminded me of peace and tranquility. Her hair was less tamed for some of the shots in the ocean. She looked like she ruled the sea “Queen of the ocean”.

Overall it was an amazing shoot, with an awesome team!

I’ll let Catirya tell you more about the session – scroll down to read a little interview with her!

What inspired your outfit for the shoot?

The dress was very random actually. I couldn't decide what I wanted to wear but I knew for sure I wanted to be elegant but not over the top so a maxi dress like this was perfect. I just got lucky finding this at the ninth hour and in the perfect color for a beach shoot!

What was your experience on the shoot?

This was honestly the best photoshoot I've ever done. I wasn't nervous at all, everyone made me feel so comfortable, so relaxed. everyone was so professional.

Any funny stories or interesting happenings during your session?

There were so many laughs that day “lol” some just over random things, me getting caught on camera making funny faces and learning that Starbucks will pretty much put anything you ask for in your coffee.

Of all the photos we took, which is your #1 favorite and why?

This is the hardest to decide. I love each photo, even the candids somehow came out as if they were perfectly planned. visually speaking, IMG_8858 is my favorite simply because it's just a beautiful photo but IMG_8978 is what I would choose if my daughter only had one photo to remember me by. I feel like it truly captures my natural self and my spirit... I am on the beach, my favorite place to be in the world, always smiling or laughing.





What are you planning to do with the photos from your session?

I'm an old soul with certain things. I keep photo albums so that one day my future kids and grandkids can look at them the way I did over and over at my grandparents' homes. I plan to print my favorites, create an album for Riley and have some framed of course.

What is your overall experience/feeling?

Right now I just feel so blessed, even through the hard times I still felt so happy and lucky. I feel excited and hopeful for the future with her. I can't wait to meet her, to see who she looks like, watch how her feature change and to learn her as a person. I'm so excited to see the type of person she grows up to be!

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