I have great news or you! Your gallery will not expire for 1 year! Isn’t that amazing?! However, even though you have access to your images for a long time, I still recommend downloading them and saving them in several places for safekeeping.

Years ago you had to order prints of the images you wanted forever. That isn’t how I work. I want you to have ALL your memories in your possession forever and ever. I also want you to share your images freely and without any hesitation. This is why I deliver your images via an online private gallery! This mean you don’t have to wait on a package in the mail and you; have access to them wherever you are. I’ve listed some important information that will help you understand your online gallery and all that it can do. 


You will be able to download your edited images directly from your online gallery and they will be high resolution. You will have the option to download one photo or all the photos.


The online gallery that I use is mobile friendly. If you pull up your gallery in your browser on your phone, you’ll be able to access your gallery (both wedding and engagement galleries) and you can download them.